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Raising the bar
Brunswick is, by any measure, significantly stronger today than at any other time in our 110-year history.

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Yet we have always sought to improve on our performance, in much the same way that we continue to raise the bar of expectations for our students and faculty.

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We are convinced that the components are in place for a continuing and significant advance in the quality of the educational experience we offer our students.

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In pursuing this advance, we will also lift the School in terms of esteem and recognition, establishing Brunswick as the nation's leading day school for boys, and a model for others to emulate.

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The Campaign for Brunswick will address our most critical funding priority: endowment. For too long, lack of adequate endowment has constrained our impact and reach and reined in our aspirations.

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Our dependence on tuition for a disproportionate share of our operating budget limits what we can implement and support for more than one or two academic years.

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To improve faculty compensation, both to reward performance and to attract and retain the very best teachers, we must either raise tuition or hope for significant increase in annual giving.

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Similarly, to expand available funds for financial aid, we now have two options: increasing tuition or looking to stepped-up annual-giving revenues.

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In these two priority areas - faculty recruitment and retention, as well as financial aid - the inadequacy of our existing endowment is most pronounced.

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Sustaining our momentum will require an endowment more comparable to the quality and aspirations of our faculty and students, and to the expectations we have for them and for ourselves.

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Building from Within
As part of the Campaign's emphasis on people and programs, we also seek to strengthen our academic and co-curricular enrichment programs, specifically in the sciences and mathematics, especially at the Middle and Upper School levels.

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At the same time, we plan to bolster teaching and learning in Foreign Language and Culture and to expand opportunities for foreign language and cultural immersion.

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A central Campaign initiative is a new Center for Character and Leadership Education. The Center will coordinate and expand upon the School's existing character-building programs and activities to reinforce this distinctive attribute of a Brunswick education.

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A Brunswick education has also stressed athletic participation and fitness. We will expand such on-campus opportunities by constructing an indoor pool on the King Street campus.

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The Campaign for Brunswick will seek $100 million in capital gifts over and above our Annual Giving programs. We hope that parents, alumni, and other donors will continue to support the School through their annual gifts, while those in a position to do more will consider making a capital gift toward one or more of the Campaign objectives.