Funding Objectives Amount Targeted
I. Attracting & Retaining the Very Best Faculty   $43,000,000
  Endow a Minimum of Eight Faculty Chairs $16,000,000  
  Endow Six Faculty Fellowships & Four Internships $8,000,000  
  Endow Continuing Education & Renewal Fund $5,000,000  
  Endow a Faculty Summer Institute $2,000,000  
  Endow an Annual Visiting Professorship $2,000,000  
  Faculty Housing Acquisition & Renovation Fund $10,000,000  
II. Enriching the Academic Experience for All Students   $28,000,000
  Ensuring Access to a Brunswick Education $20,000,000  
  Enhancing the Brunswick Curriculum $8,000,000  
III. Reinforcing the Distinctive Attributes of a Brunswick Education   $29,000,000
  Instilling Character & Fostering Leadership $9,000,000  
  Expanding Opportunities for Team Sports & Fitness $20,000,000  
  TOTAL   $100,000,000